November, 2020 A postdoctoral position (2 to 4 years) is available in the lab, on the adaptive value of learning for oviposition site selection in field-caught butterflies. Contract is expected to start March-April 2021. More info here. Feel free to enquire by email to

October, 2020 7 new Msc students will join the lab in 2021, to develop proejcts on farmland restoration, and insect cognition for colonizing suitable habitats in ecologically relevant experimental conditions. Welcome to Justine Belik, Victor Brans, Charlotte de Wulf, Lise Ameels, Duncan Wilmart, Gianni Malica, Arkel Piret!

September 1st, 2020 Dr Shulin He will join the new lab of my colleague Bertanne Visser as a postdoctoral associate to work on the molecular basis of plastic fat synthesis in parasitoid insects.

June 29th, 2020 Welcome to Marieke Louage (Belgium) in the lab for her Master of Science in Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology: Embedded Systems. Main promotor is Prof. Steven Verstockt from Ghent University.

May 23rd, 2020
(french) Article publié pour Carta Academica dans le journal Le Soir : « L’écologie au service de l’économie : focus sur l’agriculture, ici et maintenant. Le pourquoi et le comment ». Notes numérotées de l’article disponibles ici.

May 2020
(french) Interview dans le journal Moustique : « La nature post-lockdown“, par Julien Thomas. Pdf ici

April 2020 Caroline Nieberding is interviewed by the national journal Le Soir with many other Belgian scientists to think about the role of scientists in democracy and for participating to political decisions: read here and here.

March 2020 Caroline Nieberding explains the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemy and the biodiversity crisis at the national radio La Première here, (from 10.45 to 10.55 and from 11.05 to 11.20 am).

March 2020 Caroline Nieberding explains at national online radio RTBF here that the biodiversity crisis will not be solved with people staying at home. The transition for a sustainable lifestyle will require a lot of investments into local, sustainable, useful and relevant companies.

February 2020
Msc-students Céline Deltenre and Loïc Smets joined the lab to work on learning in sexual preferences in our butterfly.

January 2020
Aubin Kaisin and Jordan Wasnaire successfully defended their Msc thesis. Congrats to both of you!

December 2019
Together with Prof Bertanne Visser we obtained a F.R.S.-FNRS Projet de Recherche grant to hire a new postdoc associate

October 2019
MSc-student Dilhan Ozturk joined the new lab of my colleague Bertanne Visser to study the plasticity of fat synthesis in parasitoid insects.