Scientific activities and Services to the society

Caroline Nieberding works for the following groups, institutions, administrations:

* 2021-ongoing: Appointed as expert for the “Coordination and monitoring committee for the ecological transition policy” to organise the ecological transition in our “Wallonie-Brussels federation”.

* 2019-ongoing: Member of the scientific commission of the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Belgium

* 2019- ongoing: Vice-president of the FRIA scientific committee (at FNRS) that distributes the PhD grants in the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

* 2018 – ongoing : Member of the  scientific team of the Peer Community in (PCI) dedicated to highlight excellent, peer-reviewed, open access and free to publish science in biological sciences. Caroline Nieberding is also a scientific editor forPCI Evolutionary Biology and PCI Ecology.

* 2018 – ongoing: Member of the scientific board of the Royal Belgian Zoological Society,which organizes a yearly conference for, and delivers prizes to, Msc and PhD students in Zoology.

*2017- ongoing : Member of the scientific commission of the Royal Museum of Central Africa, which has a large collection in Biology and Geology.

* 2017 – ongoing:   Member of the steering committee of the interdisciplinary “Louvain4Evolution” think-tank, dedicated to disseminate the theory of Evolution. Caroline Nieberding organized in 2018 and 2019 two conferences for Belgian citizens: Les preuves irréfutables de l’Evolution biologique, au cœur de la biologie moderne”, and Coopération ou compétition, qui mène la danse? Deux moteurs de l’évolution des espèces et de nos sociétés”.

* 2014 – ongoing: Scientific Editor for the open access journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, section “Chemical Ecology”

* 2013 – ongoing : President of the Belgian FNRS doctoral school in “Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution”. Organisation of yearly “Meet the Expert” events (seminars, one day to one-week long trainings) for PhD students.

* 2005- ongoing: Referee and member of the reviewing panel for several European science foundations

* 2003- ongoing: Referee for the peer reviewed journals (> 80 manuscripts). Since 2016, I have declined most requests to peer-review manuscripts for classical Wiley / Blackwell journals because I now serve the “Peer Community In” initiative that provides peer-review, free of cost, open access top quality science in a number of fields in Biology. I serve also PCI Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Entomology.

Past contributions

*2019: Coordination of the yearly scientific meeting board of the “Peer Community In” at UCLouvain, and of the seminar presenting the “Peer Community In” at UCLouvain for promoting peer-review publishing of science in open access and free of charge.

* 2016-2018: Member of scientific commission on wildlife trade for the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, and dedicated to quantify the impacts of wildlife trade at global and local levels.

 *2014 -1017 Scientific advisor (Councillor) of the International Society of Chemical Ecology, organizer of the annual international congress of Chemical Ecology and publisher of the flagship Journal of Chemical Ecology

* 2011: Coordination of the Workshop “Spider Mites: Biocontrol, Aggregation and Evolution of Dispersalat UCL in link with the ARC grant (2010-2015) on September 20 and 21st, 2011 (50 participants).