Lab members

Principal Investigator

Caroline Nieberding, PhD. Professor in Terrestrial Ecology, Evolutionary Biologist. See CV.

Technical support

Christophe Pels, technician in charge of the rearing of insects and plants.

Graduate students

Doriane Muller (France) studies the role of learning on mating preference in the butterfly Bicyclus anynana.

Simon Braem (Belgium) studies the role of plasticity and of learning on oviposition in the butterfly Pararge aegeria. Main promoter: Prof. H. van Dyck.

Valentine Chapelle (Belgium) studies the epigenetic basis of reproductive behaviours in a self-fertilizing fish. Main promoter: Prof.F. Silvestre.

Msc students

Céline Deltenre (Belgium) studies the effect of imprinting in sexual preference of the butterfly Bicyclus anynana.

Loïc Smets (Belgium) studies the effect of imprinting in sexual preference of the butterfly Bicyclus anynana.

Marieke Louage (Belgium) is hosted for her Master of Science in Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology: Embedded Systems. Main promotor is Prof. Steven Verstockt from Ghent University.

Dilhan Ozturk and Manon Haillot (Belgium) study the physiological plasticity in lipid synthesis in parasitoid insects. Main promotor: Prof. B. Visser.

Former staff members of the lab

Dr. Bertanne Visser (The Netherlands), evolutionary biologist, now permanent Research Associate of the Belgian FNRS at UCLouvain

Dr. Camille Turlure (France), ecologist, now Publication coordinator at Modis company (Belgium).

Dr. Marie-Jeanne Holveck, (France), ecologist, now at CEFE in Montpellier (France)

Dr. Ian Dublon (UK), chemist, now at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.

Dr. Alok Arun (India), molecular biologist, now Principal Investigator at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico (USA).

Dr. Stéphanie Heuskin (Belgium), chemist, now permanent staff at University of Liège-Gembloux (Belgium).

Dr. Véronique Baumlé (France), molecular biologist, now at University of Namur (Belgium).

Gilles san Martin (Belgium), assistant in Ecology, now permanent staff at Centre of Agricultural Research CRA-W (Belgium).

Ellyn Bitume (USA), PhD student and then postdoc in the lab, now research entomologist at USDA-Forest service (USA).


Paul Bacquet (France), PhD student, now believe it or not …brewing good beer around Brussels.